Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY: Gold Dipped Wood Dowel Jewelry Display

When we first moved into our apartment, I put a small desk inside my side of the closet to serve as my vanity area. Husband hates when I do my hair in the bathroom, so I felt like this was a great compromise. Since our humble beginnings of moving into our apartment my vanity area only has a desk and a mirror and while my jewelry was suppose to go in there it ended up in random areas around our apartment and somehow in my car. Things had to change.

What inspired me to make the gold dipped wood dowels was a oriental mirror that Husband bought me while we were antique shopping. I am not a huge fan of gold, but this mirror was beautiful and its rare that Husband picks out something pretty awesome without me telling him its awesome first. 

These wood dowels are amazing for my jewelry, I have a lot of chunky items that I thought would be too heavy, but they are holding up great and my jewelry looks awesome hanging from them. It's an easy project, does not take that much time. I think the only hard part was actually cutting the wood dowels down but that's because I decided to use a craft saw then an actual one, so that's my bad! But other than that, let's get started!

What you are going to need!
Wood Dowel
Hanger Bolts
Power Drill
Drill Bit
Gold Paint
Small Container

Step 1: Take your wood dowel and measure out how long you want each wood hanging to be. For mine I wanted them to be long enough to hang A LOT of necklaces so the length for each wood dowel was about 3.5 in. 

Step 2: Depending on what size your hanger bolt is will depend on what size drill bit you will use. I always suggest using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your hanger bolt just so that way it can fit snugged. Pre-drill your hole into the center of the dowel using the drill bit.

Step 3: Pour your gold paint inside of a small container. I used one of our dipping sauce cups for my container. Now here is where you can get creative, for my gold dipped dowels I wanted them to be different so a few them have paint running all the way down them and the way I did that was by quickly dipping into the paint and then letting them sit upward to dry, the wet paint will slowly drop down. But if you don't want them not to drip, hold the dowel steady after dipping in a vertical angle allowing the excess paint to drip back into the container, let it do that for a few seconds and then let it dry upward. Let them dry for a few hours or even over night if you are paranoid like me.

Step 4: After they are finished drying, screw your hanger bolts into the pre-drilled holes. Use pliers to make this step a lot easier, hold the end of the hanger bolt that is suppose to go into the wall with the pliers and just twist your dowel onto the other end of the bolt.

Now screw your beautiful gold dipped wood dowel's into the wall and hang your beautiful jewelry up! An easy project, that's efficient and also pretty awesome to look at.